10 Tips for Those Going to Visit Japan

Planning a trip to Japan? Then check out the list of 10 tips that will help you in Japan. What is the best way to pay for travel, what to do with luggage, how to use the Internet, where to go and so on?


Book a pocket Wi-Fi router on the Internet and pick it up at the airport in Japan

In Japan country, you’ll barely find free Wi-Fi spots, so a pocket router will simply save you. It is the best choice to translate something, see the route in the navigator, and look for some information.

  1. The transport company will deliver your luggage from the airport to the hotel (apartment) and back

Upon arrival in Japan, you can go to the baggage delivery check-in counters, fill out documents, indicating the address of your residence in Japan, and go empty-handed to walk around the city. 

  1. Immediately make yourself a travel card

In Japan, in almost any machine where you buy a travel card, you can make a PASMO or SUICA travel card. A card costs 500 yen. 

  1. If you intend to travel a lot in Japan, then buy yourself a Japan Rail Pass in advance

Japan Rail Pass is a special pass, which can be purchased only before traveling to Japan in your country and be activated already on the spot.

  1. Always have cash with you

Japan, although an advanced country, still does not always accept credit cards for payment. Even in some large restaurants. Always have cash with you so that you can pay, especially for tourist destinations.

  1. Learn a standard set of phrases or prepare cards with text

The Japanese know English very poorly and may not understand your questions if you try to ask them. It’s best to remember or make cards with the most popular phrases.

  1. Stay in queues

Queues are part of Japanese culture. Wherever you go, you often have to stand in lines, whether it be attractions, a restaurant or just waiting for a train. Many foreigners do not notice this. 

  1. Visit the hot springs (onsen)

If you want to feel the Japanese culture, then go to the hot springs.

  1. Eat everything you see

In Japan, there is just an unrealistic amount of delicious food. Try not to eat the same dish 2 times, always look for something new. Sushi, udon, ramen, soba, takoyaki, etc. – it’s all very tasty.

  1. Use night buses

If you plan to visit different cities in Japan but at the same time want to save money, then use night intercity buses. In Japanese, it is called night buses. Tickets can be booked directly through the Internet (sites are in English).


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